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This mission is classified Ultra Secret.

You have been chosen for this mission because of your experience in highly adverse situations and settings and for your previous utter discretion in matters of national security.

As you are well aware, we're at the height of the Cold War with the Soviets. As part of our ongoing war effort, our nation operates a number of Top Secret bases across the world. One of these bases, the 'Restricted Area 4808 North (R-4808N) Secret Research Facility', has stopped responding to normal communications. It is quite likely that this is due to a down transmitter. However, we must be prepared for a sabotage scenario or worse.

Your top mission priority is to secure the facility. If you need to neutralise potential enemy combatants, you've been given authorisation to achieve this aim (Order: GKNB-7644XX)

Your secondary mission priority is to rescue the facility's surviving civilian research staff, if any.

Due to the nature of the research being undertaken at this facility, we cannot give you more information than this.

Good luck.

Note: This game is broadly feature-complete, but has only a few playable maps which encompass only a small part of the story-line. As such, it should be considered in Alpha stage and still under development, and has been placed here as a demo for those interested and to garner feedback.

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded archive and play the game. No further installation is necessary.


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